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Product Specification

A0 system is the latest slight modification system for car audio system. During development and research, we have performed countless electronic and electroacoustic debugging and matching. Even without bass units, low-frequency is still sufficient and sound field level is clear. Together with processor built-in HIFI Bluetooth audio play, the machine can be called as the innovation of highest level in the world.


1) HIFI level Bluetooth lossless music play is featured by clear level and exquisite performance;

2) Undamaged installation will not change the appearance and control function of original audio system;

3) Free from the trouble of additional bass loudspeaker box, texture of low frequency is excellent, clear and clean;

4) Speakers will be fixed to original positions without the risk of modifying circuit. Good effect can be achieved without complicated adjustment;

5) Product design is completely basic on HIFI enthusiastic level and all the efforts are only for good sound;

6) No matter for original host or DVD navigation installed later, audio effect can significantly improve original audio quality;

7) Installation is very simple without the necessity to drill holes, reverse mold, or destroy original decoration and circuit. The whole installation takes less than 2 hours. Users with operational ability can also try to install it by oneself.


Power amplifier type Class AB

Output power 4×30W/4Ω@14.4V,THD=10%

Distortion 0.006%@Po=4W

Supply voltage DC12V-16V

Fuse 10A

Frequency response 20-20KHz@0.3dB

SNR >95dB @ A weighted

Channel separation degree ≥70dB

Channel equilibrium degree ≤± 1dB

Load capacity 2-4Ω

Main host dimension 165mm(L)×98mm(D)×31.5mm(H)

Total weight   5.35KG

Delivery Contents

Processor ×1

Frequency divider ×1

Front-door TREBLE speaker ×2 tweeter

Front-door BASS speaker ×2 woofer

Rear-door auxiliary BASS speaker ×2

Power cord ×1

Manual ×2

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