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Powerful DSP master tape lossless audio player supports all mainstream audio formats (DSD/WAV/APE/FLAC/AIFF). 24BIT/192HKZ master tape format can also be perfectly decoded.


1) Support mainstream lossless audio formats, such as DSD, WAV, FLAC and APE, as well as compressed formats, such as MP3, AAC and so on;

2) Support 24Bit/192KHz mainstream high bit rate files;

3) Support WAV/FLAC/APE and CUE associated files;

4) Support optical fiber digital output. The machine can serve to an external audio processor;

5) Can be connected to plug-in portable hard disk (2T at most), thumb disk and so on. SD card can be read by card reader.

6) Quick start at power-on. With a plug-in large-capacity hard disk, the machine can enter into play status within 20sec;

7) User can select different display statuses according to specific conditions in car. For complex in-car conditions, this setting is widely adaptive;

8) Automatic play from memory at power-on;

9) Support skip or random play from the whole hard disk or large-capacity storage device;

10) Built-in 2-CH high-performance high-to-low voltage conversion circuit;

11) Support firmware upgrade and keep the latest machine software.

12) Original host sound and player sound can be switched automatically.

13) Support high-quality Bluetooth play. Under perfect audio structure, Bluetooth play can also read to HIFI quality;

14) Remote controller 2.4 makes control free from the limit of direction and distance.


1) Analog output level  2.1V RMS

2) Frequency response    10-40K Hz

3) SNR    100dB

4) Dynamic range    100dB

5) Separation degree     97dB

6) Distortion                    <0.01%

7) Power consumption      ≤5W  ≤100W (with power amplifier)

8) Shutdown current      <0.5mA

9) Input power source DC 11-15V

10) Host dimension     165mm(L)×98(W)×32.5(H)

11) Host weight     450g

Delivery Contents

Host ×1

Remote controller ×1

Power cord ×1

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